SlabLok 4
SlabLok 4

GageLok 24
GageLok 24

24.0mm shank diameter, 19.5mm minor diameter providing 50% greater resistance to fatigue and shear forces than Ss8.

GageLok 24 - Example
GageLok 24 - Example

GageLok 24 trial installation in turnout.

SlabLok 4
SlabLok 4


SlabLok® System AS1085.18

Fixing sleeper plates onto concrete (sleepers, bearers or slab) without ferrules.

The SlabLok® System offers an ecomonic and permanent solution that addresses two commonplace issues observed in the field:

  • The need to fix plates to either concrete sleepers or concrete slab without the need to have pre-set ferrules.

  • Replacing failed screw spikes set in ferrules in concrete turnouts and concrete slab installations.


The SlabLok System comprises two components and a number of steps.

The components of the SlabLok System are as follows:

The steps involved in replacing a failed Screw Spike/Ferrule are as follows:

  • Remove existing ferrule utilising a 42mm core drill (if the hole has a broken screw in it) or a 40mm masonry drill (if no screw broken in hole) - video link here - to a depth just greater than that of the ferrule.

  • Remove the ferrule/concrete slug.

  • Clean and dry the hole.

  • Fill the resulting hole with SpikeFast ES-50.

  • Allow to cure (approx 30 minutes).

  • Set plate in desired positon to gauge and drill holes - 22mm spade to 20mm and 19mm full depth.

  • Install and fasten GageLok 24 using impact driver 400Nm torque max.

Production rate - using two, four man crews, a minimum production rate in the range of 60-80 screw replacements can be achieved per 8 hour shift starting from taking track possession, removing existing hardware and sleeper plates, core drilling, filling, curing, drilling, re-fitting plates and track hardware and finally screwing GageLok 24's into place and handing back track possession.

The SlabLok® System is currently undergoing pull out testing and 3M cycle cyclic load testing in a concrete bearer.  Trials are underway with ARTC.  Pull out tests exceed AS1085 requirements.  Results available upon request.