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ClampLok® Rail Clamp

Fishplate and Bowplate Clamp

Cold Forge's patented clamping solution

CLAMPLOK is an industry leading innovation in temporary fishplate and bowplate clamping, brought about by the shortcomings of existing clamping solutions.

Designed to address issues experienced by some of Australia largest heavy haul operators, ClampLok is a superior temporary clamping solution featuring:

  • A linear clamping force proportional to applied torque
  • A Patented "Distal Pivot" between the two clamp faces to increase clamping force
  • 100% straight bolt alignment through sphercial washers ensuring that the bolt never bends, eliminating a failure point entirely
  • Full clearance around the rail foot edge ensuring that ClampLok never binds on the foot, again maximising clamping force
  • Simple, easy locking mechanism incorporating Security Locknut

ClampLok is also available in kits, with a spare bolt assembly included. Buy ClampLok with the matched Milwaukee tools & attachments. See images for an example of the ClampLok Rapid Response Kit.

ClampLok is available for all Australian rail sizes including AS41/47, AS50, AS53/60 and AS68. ClampLok-B is also available in various sizes for bowplates.

ClampLok is also suitable for 132 RE, 133 RE, 136 RE, 140 RE and 141 RE US rail sizes matched to US joint bars (as per Arema Chapter 4).

CLAMPLOK is a simple, easy to use, robust solution for temporary fishplate and bowplate clamping.

CLAMPLOK is manufactured in Australia.

Patent 2023201195 issued 10 November 2023.

International priority patent rights reserved.

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