About Cold Forge

Cold Forge is an industrial engineered products supplier focused on delivering competitive, reduced cost-of-ownership product solutions for the maintenance of rail permanent way including track, sleepers, fastenings and related components.


Rail maintenance is a major expenditure item for all railroads. The cost of permanent way maintenance is particularly highlighted on both mainline and non-economic rail lines that are the subject of either contractual or statutory obligations. Cold Forge designs and supplies products that extend life and reduce maintenance on the permanent way aimed at reducing overall lifetime cost-of-ownership and improving safety.


Cold Forge was established in 1958 as a fastener manufacturer in Sydney.  Cold Forge has been a Tier 1 supplier to the likes of GM, Holden and Ford and continues to service select customers in the fastener space for mission critical parts.

Cold Forge developed a range of rail fasteners in 2008 which has driven the business into the rail sector including export markets in the US.

The business ceased manufacturing in Sydney in 2011 and now procures both on and off-shore, sourcing from the Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Germany and Asia.

Cold Forge has a strategic partnership with Progress Rail in the US who market the GageLok product range in North America. Cold Forge designs innovative timber fastening products for the US rail industry which are then manufactured and marketed by Progress Rail.​

Cold Forge is also the exclusive distributor for British Steel rail and steel sleeper products in Australia.

The business operates from Sydney and supplies nationally.

For details on our corporate policies including our Modern Slavery Policy, Supplier Code of Conduct, Cold Forge Code of Conduct, Anti Bribery and Anti Corruption Policy and other relevant downloads (ISO9001 Certificate) please refer to our Policies Page.

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