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Bearer-Lok® System AS1085.18

Fastening System for Concrete Bearers in Turnouts

The Bearer-Lok® System offers an alternative to the use of Ss8's and matching ferrules (threaded insert) in concrete bearers for turnouts. Failure rates of Ss8's in turnouts is unusually high primarily due to the design of the Ss8 itself and the design of the matching ferrule.

Bearer-Lok addresses this by utilising the Cold Forge Cold Forge GageLok-24 Screw with a custom designed ferrule (threaded insert). The GageLok 24 has a 50% larger cross section (at its minor diameter) than the Ss8 screw.  The two components are matched to ensure that there is minimal movement when the GageLok-24 is inserted into the ferrule.

The coarse diamond knurl keeps the threaded insert keyed into the concrete to resist movement.

The Bearer-Lok System has been tested at Monash IRT and meets the requirements of AS1085.18.

The Bearer-Lok ferrule is installed at the time of manufacture of the concrete bearers.

Bearer-Lok follows on from the SlabLok System.  SlabLok is for in-situ repair of failed Ss8's in concrete bearers, whilst Bearer-Lok aims to permanently address the issue at time of manufacture minimising the need for in field repair.

Trials are underway with various rail authorities and concrete bearer manufacturers.

Monash IRT test results are available upon request.

Bearer-Lok is a registered trademark of Cold Forge. The Bearer-Lok ferrule (threaded insert) is design registered.

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