Australian Standard Rail
Cold Forge in partnership with British Steel can supply flat-bottomed vignole rails for a wide range of railway applications and environments to meet AS1085.1 requirements.
Steel Sleepers
The Cold Forge range of Steel Sleepers are manufactured by British Steel in the United Kingdom. They are high quality, engineered products, used across the world.
Sleeper Plates
Sleeper Plates
Cold Forge offers a full range of double shoulder cast sleeper plates manufactured in accordance with AS1085.3.
Rail Screws
GageLok® Rail Screws are a range of fasteners designed to fix rail directly to timber or composite sleepers.
Manufactured to meet AS1085.2, this range of products is ideally matched with our Fishplate Bolts and Security Lock Nuts to ensure reduced maintenance.
Track Stability
Rail Anchors
Our anchors are the product of years of laboratory and field research and testing. Real world application has driven our anchor design and made it the proven industry standard.
Industrial Quality Tools
Cold Forge carries a range of specialist tools to suit rail track maintenance work. From installing, maintaining and inspecting fish plates to screw installation we have the right tools to suit the job.
Industrial Fasteners
Industrial Fasteners
Cold Forge is a specialist supplier of mission critical industrial fasteners to the rail, mining, infrastructure and lawn care industries.

Our engineered track products reduce maintenance.

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Cold Forge is an engineered track products designer and supplier focused on delivering competitive, reduced cost-of-ownership product solutions for the installation and maintenance of rail permanent way including track, sleepers, fastenings and related components.


What we do

Innovate, don't imitate. We develop innovative solutions to address customer challenges where none exist, and partner with industry leaders where existing solutions meet our customer needs. Our partnerships include British Steel, Progress Rail and Pandrol to name a few.

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Cold Forge News

Cold Forge announces Innovation Eco-SystemCold Forge announces Innovation Eco-System
April 8, 2021

Cold Forge is excited to announce its Innovation Eco-System Program. Got a track issue you would like to discuss? Call us for a chat.

Cold Forge introduces AS1085.2 fishplates Cold Forge introduces AS1085.2 fishplates
April 2, 2021

Competitive fishplates available ex stock to suit AS41/47, AS50, AS53, AS60 and AS68 rail profiles. Fish bolts also available.

Cold Forge introduces LatraLok Stability DevicesCold Forge introduces LatraLok Stability Devices
June 24, 2020

Cold Forge's innovative new solution for track stability, the LatraLok, provides stability both laterally and longitudinally in curves and turnouts.

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