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Filler-Lok® Hole Filler

Filler-Lok is a two part, non-foam polyurethane product that is used to fill holes in timber and concrete sleepers. It is proven to retain screws and spikes better and longer.

Filler-Lok can be used to fill holes in sleepers where hole re-use is required and also as part of the Cold Forge SlabLok concrete sleeper repair system.

Filler-Lok bonds so tightly to the hole surface that it will not dislodge. Pull tests on screws inserted into FillerLok cause a substrate failure of the concrete or timber prior to any tensile failure of the Filler-Lok. Pull tests on Filler-Lok meets AS1085.18 requirements for timber (40 kN min) and concrete (60 kN min).

Filler-Lok is not affected by water. It deeply penetrates cracks, voids and crevices in the sleeper to reduce moisture infiltration and sleeper rot in timber.

Filler-Lok helps maintenance crews be more efficient by allowing them to re-fasten more rails in less time and providing a product that lasts longer than any alternative. Filler-Lok will provide an immediate return on investment by reducing track maintenance costs and corridor down time.

Filler-Lok comes in a 900ml two-part pack. There are 7 packs per box (6.3l total per box). Every pack has two static mixers included to maximise use of any opened packs. Filler-Lok is manufactured and packaged in Australia to maximise shelf life. Shelf life is 12 months minimum.

Part Numbers for Filler-Lok packs:

  • S11907 - 15 Packs of 450ml plus 20 static mixers
  • S11928 - 1 Pack of 450ml plus 1 static mixers

Filler-Lok is type approved by Sydney Trains and ARTC.

Also available are guns to match, both manual and battery powered.

  • S11935 - Manual gun to suit Filler-Lok pack.
  • S11558 - Powered gun to suit Filler-Lok pack. Includes 2 x Milwaukee 5 AH batteries.
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