Cold Forge announces Innovation Eco-System

By Cold Forge
April 9, 2021
Cold Forge announces Innovation Eco-System

Cold Forge is excited to announce its Innovation Eco-System Program. Cold Forge has been trialing various methods of engaging with our customers around new products. Our new methodology brings together aspects of design thinking to accelerate the product development cycle through identifying and reducing implementation risk through a deep exploration of the problem space and using tools such as finite element analysis to reach production ready products in the shortest possible time.

At the core of our philosophy is the understanding that time is money. Track downtime means lost revenue for our customers. Repetitive maintenance tasks linked to common system failures are unproductive.

To date our SLABLOK, BEARERLOK, BOW-LOK and LATRALOK products (contact us for more info) are all a result of close engagement with our customers seeking to address real world problems in the minimal possible time with type approved solutions.

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