ClampLok Released

By Cold Forge
June 24, 2022
ClampLok Released

Cold Forge is pleased to announce the release of the ClampLok product range for clamping fishplates to rail. ClampLok is available in sizes to suit all Australian rail profiles matched to fishplates that comply with AS1085.2 as well as variants for use with bowplates that require a different clamping profile.

ClampLok features a patented clamping method using a distal pivot which ensures a linear clamping force proportional to the applied torque. Its design ensures that the main clamping bolt can never bend through the use of spherical washers in the design. The clamp will not bind on the rail foot ensuring that the clamping force is solely applied to the fishplates and not the rail foot. ClampLok also uses the Security Locknut to ensure that the the joint does not come loose in service.

Paul Boyd, Work Group Leader Civil, ARTC Hunter Valley made the following comments about ClampLok after a successful 3 week trial:

"I’d like to endorse Cold Forge’s new ClampLok; particularly for the Bow Plate application.

There are no clamps suitable for Bow Plates available on the market today.

ClampLok clamps will speed up the installation of Bow Plates by eliminating the need to bore holes in the rail & have the further benefit of not weakening the rail.

We’ve successfully trialled these clamps in track on a “non-defect weld” for approximately 3 weeks now.  The type of Lock-Nut used in this clamp eliminates the need to use a secondary lock-nut & locking tab used in other clamps on the market.  So far the Lock-Nuts have held fast & not lost any clamping force, I don’t expect that they will."

Trials are underway with a number of customers.

ClampLok is 95% Australina made, using partners in both Sydney and Melbourne.

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