Maximum Head Hardness Rail

The Maximum Head Hardness rail MHH is the rail of choice for arduous track conditions, resisting wear and plastic flow on tight curves, under heavy axle loads and at high duty locations.

It delivers extreme wear resistance combined with an unparalleled low residual stress, providing a step change in foot fatigue performance.

MHH is the most wear-resistant rail in our heat-treated range. Available to CEN, AREMA and other specifications, it provides the highest wear resistance for the most demanding conditions.

Designed for use on tightly curved and heavy haul tracks, it reduces rail degradation and extends rail life.

One of the world's most wear-resistant rails 

MHH is a micro head-hardened range which offers the highest wear resistance - double that of R350HT - combined with a uniquely low residual stress, compared to competitor heat-treated solutions. This reduces the rate of rail degradation and therefore increases rail life.

The MHH range has nearly 20 years of proven performance and delivers increased rail life while reducing the need for track maintenance.

Rail of choice

British Steel use a patented heat treatment process at the rail mill in Hayange, France, to create the range of rail products with enhanced hardness, including MHH375 and MHH388.

The unique heat treatment process guarantees exceptionally low residual stress (<50MPa) in the finished rail. The levels are far lower than those that can be achieved by any other heat treatment process.

By decreasing the tensile stresses in the foot in service, there is a reduced risk of failure from corrosion pits or other damage to the rail foot. Combined with extreme wear resistance, this provides a step change in foot fatigue in-service performance.

Its unique properties make MHH the rail of choice for the most arduous of track conditions.